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October 13, 2010
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Yena by Peachplums Yena by Peachplums
Vico's armor was giving me a cramp in my hand (and my head) so I decided to change up the style a little. Without further ado, I present Yena! My tavern wench cleric. I promised my DM that I'd have this portrait done over a month ago ^^0

Hm... backstory... Yena is an aasimar cleric of her father, Osen. (Think DM's version of Bacchus). She grew up in the Festhall/temple of Osen and has recently begun to travel as an adventurer. When not fighting low level mobs, she continues her religious mission to spread mirth and booze across the land.

I might use her pic in one of my BG playthroughs.

Also. I'm fairly certain her clothes are either glued on or held up by magic (She just looked so much better strapless that I couldn't bring myself to paint them on!!).

++Minor edits to the picture. Nothing that changed it hugely.

Note: Those interested in using this picture as a portrait for BG should be aware of the fact that frame is not the proper ratio. You'll have to crop it yourself.

Drawn to Blaqk Audio's Cexcells album and Alizée's Gourmandises. References used.

Small edit: If Yena had a theme song for her life, it would be Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" :D

I guess I should just reiterate that Yena is my character...
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Tampus Featured By Owner May 20, 2014
is it ok with you if I use her portrait for a dnd session I'm making?
Peachplums Featured By Owner May 20, 2014
yeah, sure! If you are hosting it online somewhere like a forum, please link me : D I love reading other peoples campaigns. Especially when my character art makes cameos \O/
AndyVines Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Excellent work!
Wenin Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013

I find Yena to be inspiring, when used as a picture of an NPC.


I've used her in my current campaign, which I've been posting session reports.  I linked your account to my last report, cause I feel more people should see the rest of your work!


Stem the Tide - Episode 2


Thank you for sharing your talent!

Peachplums Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2013
T_T You, Sir, are a super duper awesome DM. I wish my DM would post session recaps.  The DM keeps track of how wounded the characters are, and everything else is the responsibility of the players to note. And it's in a Forgotten Realms setting !! My happiness meter is overflowing.

...........MERCIFUL ILMATER that Fantasy Grounds program! I've never seen it before, but it could be soooooo useful for this upcoming campaign my dad is trying to put together with me since I'm live out of state currently. Have you used RPG Tools before? If you have, do you have an opinion about how one software compares to the other?

Read both your session caps, it seems like you have some good players : ) Unfortunately, my D&D group as of late has more homicidal types than calm negotiators.
Wenin Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013

I've have looked into the RPG Tools.  I think it is a more favorable application, but I haven't had the experience of actually running or being in a group that has used the application all networked together.  I was in one group that was facing breaking up due to being scattered to far, causing long drives to game.  That didn't pan out.


My Saturday GM (Astinex from RPG Geek), he uses it to throw together maps on the fly when we play live.   It takes him about 20 minutes to throw together a suitable encounter map.  He then projects it up onto a projector I bring to game night.  So while he uses that to produce quick maps, all the players are using Hero Labs to house their character sheets.  We then use Dropbox to allow the GM to have a copy of our character sheets.


The way I came about using Fantasy Grounds was that I came across the software at Gencon in 2008.  I spent the money, with the intention of getting the group I play with in person to use the software.  That didn't pan out.  Since I still wanted to use the software so the money wouldn't have gone to waste, I went to the FG website looking for a group.  That's when I came upon this online group that was mainly based out of the Netherlands.


Don't let the session reports fool you! =)  The two groups I'm in are both blood thirsty murderers!   The online group has a tendancy in the past to kill first, and loot later.  I'm not sure what element has allowed for the group to be so "goodly" within this campaign.  I'm treating it as if I've stumbled upon a deer in the woods.... I'm doing all I can to not spook the creature, forcing it to run off. =)


I'd recommend that you as a player could start your own session reports.  At my age, I wish I had a "gaming diary" I could look back on and recall all my past games.  If you go to my first session report for the campaign I'm running, I have links to other campaigns that are tied into Stem the Tide.  One of those campaigns was another I was running, but Astinex was making session reports as a player.  I found that helpful or me as the GM.  Doing this, you could entice your GM to start his own session reports, as Astinex did to me. ;)


Peachplums Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013
Oh, believe me, in every campaign I play in I am instantly nominated as the "note taker." I suppose my reputation precedes me Any campaign I've played in has an accompanying in-character journal, and I'm the one in charge of posting synopses and keeping track of the coppers they take from the dead/defenseless NPCs. So when the DM posts the synopsis instead, that just seems...lovely.

Thanks for answering my question so thoroughly :D I showed the Forgotten Grounds link to my current online D&D group and RPG Tools came up as well in the discussion, although from the responses on the email thread it seems the group has become enamored by Roll20 instead. I'm still trying to push for Forgotten Grounds (I'm a sucker for a pretty UI). Most likely, I'll have to show my father Forgotten Grounds since he is an avid DM, and maybe he'll want to try it out : )
Wenin Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013
Fantasy Grounds has a customizable UI.  I'm sure someone with your talent could also greatly appreciate that as well. =)
apronce Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
she is lovelly
GEN-12 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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